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If you’re a business owner in West Valley City, Utah looking to buy a commercial building, lease an existing office space, or sell your current building then you need a Commercial Real Estate agent like Jody Jones on your side. A good commercial realtor can negotiate the best possible deal both in matters of price and terms. Jody Jones has a long history of experience with Commercial Real Estate in West Valley City. She is one of the top producers and a CAP award winner on the Align Complete Real Estate Team. Jody has closed over $38 million in sales over the past 4 years. Jody will tell you that the secret to her success is her fearless attitude and strong drive to “go out and get the deal” for her clients.

Read more and learn why Jody Jones is the best Commercial Real Estate Agent in West Valley City, Utah and why you want her in your corner.

Serving West Valley City With Retail Commercial Real Estate Services

Jody gained the foundations of her experience while owning and running her own successful marketing and mailing distribution firm. With this perspective and experience Jody has a unique ability to understand small business and what their needs are. Because Jody has worked with business owners and commercial property investors in West Valley, Utah and surrounding communities, she has a favorable advantage in making new deals happen. She is especially knowledgeable about retail business property purchases and sales in  West Valley City, Utah. She loves to help retail businesses  that are growing and expanding find bigger and better retail place to do their business. Likewise, Jody helps retail business owners who need to down-size or sell their current retail space. If any of these fit you and you are interested in working with Jody, send her an email or give her a call.

Broker’s Opinion of Value in West Valley City, UT

Both business owners and commercial property investors in West Valley have turned to Jody Jones when looking to buy or sell in West Valley City, Utah. They know her expertise and experience is second to none. 

If you own commercial property in West Valley and are not sure what it’s worth Jody can do a broker’s opinion of value. This is a very valuable piece of information for you to have as you plan for the future. With property values changing rapidly in the Salt Lake County area  your property or land may be worth much more than you think. Again, knowing what your property is worth is an essential piece of information when it comes deciding what to do with it.

Give Jody Jones a call and start the conversation on what your property is worth and take the steps to get it sold.

Unlisted Property Real Estate Services in West Valley

The majority of deals that Jody has completed have been properties that were previously unlisted. This means they were never on the market and were never under competition. Jody focuses exclusively on the needs of her clients and doesn’t hesitate to make cold calls or hit the pavement and  “go out and get the deal.” In fact over the period of 4 years, her cold calls have led to $38 million in sales of properties that were unlisted. When you work with Jody Jones as a CCIM Designee ensures you have the best possible commercial real estate expert in your corner throughout buy/sell negotiations. As a commercial real estate expert in West Valley, Utah Jody only has one party’s interest in mind– her client.

Jody Offers A Wide Range Of Commercial Real Estate Services In West Valley City

Why hire Jody Jones?

Experienced Commercial Business Realtor in West Valley City, UT

As a former owner of a successful small business in Salt Lake County, Jody knows and understands what small business need in order for them to grow and thrive. Jody has an apt understanding of the current marketplace and economy in West Valley and uses that knowledge to facilitate startups and relocation possibilities for the lucky business owners and investors that she takes on as clients. Jody has experience doing commercial real estate deals for a very large array of businesses such as multi-unit apartment complexes, new multi-unit retail space, small business relocations and more. Her specialty is her willingness to roll up her sleeves and cold call until she find the right place for her clients. 

CCIM Designee Commercial Realtor in West Valley, Utah

Jody receives praise and accolades from business owners and real estate investors all over West Valley, UT for her ability to provide exceptional knowledge and service. Jody is always willing and ready to think outside the box and to negotiate on her client’s behalf. Jody is fearless in finding unlisted properties and creating opportunities where previously there were none. Jody has earned her CCIM designation which is her field’s top award. Jody served as President of the Utah Chapter of the CCIM in 2020 and actively networks with other top Commercial Real Estate agents in the Salt Lake City and West Valley City area. Jody makes it a priority to continually further her education through the Utah Chapter of CCIM.

Jody regularly gives back to her community. Despite her very busy schedule she always finds time to volunteer at the Utah Food Bank. Jody loves to give back and help out the city she calls home.


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