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If you own a business in or near Millcreek, UT and you want to buy a commercial building, or sell a commercial building you already own, or find out what your commercial property is worth, then you need a commercial real estate professional to be on your side. Jody Jones has years of experience with commercial estate in Millcreek and she is ready to help negotiate the best deal for you. She one of Utah’s top producers as well as a CAP award winner at Align Complete Real Estate. Jody has closed more than $38 million in sales over the past 4 years. She says the secret to her success is a fearless attitude and a drive to “go get the deal” for those she represents.

Read on to find out why Jody Jones is not only a highly awarded and renowned commercial business realtor in Millcreek, but also why she’s the best choice for negotiating the best possible deal.


Providing Millcreek Business owners with Professional Commercial Realtor Services

Jody has a strong ability to understand small business and their needs. While owning and running her own successful marketing and mailing distribution firm she gained valuable perspective on the unique needs of business owners and commercial property investors in the Utah marketplace. While working with business owners in Millcreek, Utah and surrounding communities, Jody spent time getting to know hundreds of business owners and is especially knowledgeable about Millcreek Business Council’s resources for business owners and can help business owners find the right building or property for their new or expanding business plans. If you are interested in working with Jody and starting a conversation on how she can help, send her an email or give her a call.

Looking for a Broker’s Opinion of Value for your Millcreek, Utah Business?

Business decision makers and business owners in Millcreek turn to Jody Jones to find out what their property, land or building is worth. With the rapidly changing climate of commercial real estate in Salt Lake City, Millcreek and other surrounding communities it is well worth talking to an experienced commercial real estate agent who can give a professional opinion based on experience, trends in the marketplace and factors that come into play that might be unknown to the business owner.

Multi-Family Purchase, Sell or Lease Transaction Representation in Millcreek, Utah

Jody Jones helps commercial real estate investors and developers make their dreams a reality by helping them find the right location for multi-family units in Millcreek, Utah. Her experience with Salt Flats, an 86-unit Multi-Family apartment building in downtown Salt Lake City, Jody is uniquely qualified to navigate zoning, finding buyers and negotiating the best possible deal for her client. Read more about this successful multi-unit apartment building project on the case studies page.


Commercial Real Estate Services That We Provide in Millcreek, Utah

  • Seller Landlord Representation

  • Buyer Representation

  • Multi-Family Unit Purchase, Sell or Lease

  • Retail Commercial Space Purchase, Sell or Lease

  • Industrial Space Purchase, Sell or Lease

  • Commercial Market Analysis

  • Locating unlisted properties for Purchase, Sell or Lease

Why Choose Jody Jones

Wide Experience with Commercial Business Real Estate Market in Millcreek, UT

Jody Jones was a successful small marketing and mailing distribution firm that specialized in working with small businesses. This helps her know and understand what a small business will need to not only grow but excel in the Millcreek area.  Jody understands that the current market we are in as well as the economy and she uses that knowledge to facilitate star-ups and relocation possibilities for the small business owners that she works with.  Jody has good experience doing commercial real estate deals for a wide range of industries and companies both in multi-unit properties as well as small business relocation and individual unit properties. She always goes the extra mile to get the deal done for her clients. 


CCIM Designee Commercial Real Estate Agent in Millcreek, UT

Business owners in Millcreek, Utah as well as the surrounding areas praise Jody for her ability to always give exception commercial real estate service. Jody is fearless when it comes to finding unlisted properties for her clients.  She thinks outside the box, negotiates fiercely, and always puts her clients first. Jody has also earned her CCIM designation which is her field’s top award. She currently serves as President of the Utah Chapter of the CCIM and is always actively networking with the top commercial real estate personnel in Utah. Jody makes it a priority to continually further her education through the Utah Chapter of CCIM.

Despite her busy schedule Jody takes time to give back to the community. She and her mother Christine are often at the Utah Food Bank where they regularly donate their time.

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